Streets For All Consultation


Through the City Region Sustainable Transport Settlement (CRSTS) for Greater Manchester, Bury Council have been awarded funding to develop town centre ‘Streets for All’ improvement schemes in Bury, Radcliffe and Ramsbottom. The objectives of the CRSTS are:

  • Levelling up; to provide high quality infrastructure to support the regeneration of Town Centres across Bury and facilitate economic activity. 
  • Growth and Productivity; to provide improved access to retail and employment opportunities in Radcliffe Town Centre by active modes and public transport.
  • Mode Split and public transport; to provide new and improved facilities for pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Value for Money; the appraisal of proposals to ensure it provides value for money.
  • Decarbonisation; Encourage modal shift away from private car use by enhancing the attractiveness of active modes for shorter journeys through new walking, wheeling and cycling infrastructure.

The Radcliffe Town Centre Scheme has been split into four phases for delivery, with the aim to develop proposals which will improve facilities for active travel, making walking, wheeling and cycling more appealing and safer and encourage multi−modal journeys together with public transport.

The four phases for delivery are:

  • Phase 1 – Metrolink to Civic Hub
  • Phase 2 – Bury Road
  • Phase 3 – Victoria Street Area
  • Phase 4 – Town Centre Southern Gateway

Radcliffe Town Centre - Phase 1 Proposal

Walking and cycling improvements are proposed on the following routes within phase 1:

  1. Blackburn Street Improvements – Including improvements to Darbyshire Street, Green Street, Deansgate and Church Street West
  2. Spring Lane Improvements – Including improvements to Darbyshire Street, Whittaker Street and Metrolink
  3. Church Street West – Pedestrian Corridor Enhancements
  4. Water Street – Towpath Connection – Including improvements to Hampson Street

Blackburn Street

Blackburn Street provides an existing connection for cyclists from Darbyshire Street towards Radcliffe town centre.

The proposals include the following:

  • Contraflow cycling travelling Northbound and on carriageway cycling travelling Southbound
  • Cycle and pedestrian crossings at the top of Blackburn Street, Green Street, Railway Street and at the Deansgate/Blackburn Street junction
  • Continuous footways across New Church Street, Cross Street, Seymour Street to facilitate walking and wheeling

Spring Lane

Spring Lane provides a linkage between the National Cycle Route 6 from Darbyshire Street to Whittaker Street. The routes are linked by a Toucan Crossing across Spring Lane.

The proposals include the following:

  • Cycle route from Darbyshire Street using existing TOUCAN crossing to reach Whittaker Street
  • Introduction of two-way cycle track towards the Radcliffe Metrolink stop
  • Continuous footways across Whittaker Street, Darbyshire Street, Bridgefield Street, Heap Street to facilitate walking and wheeling

Church Street West

Church Street West provides an existing route for pedestrians to get from Radcliffe Town Centre to the Metrolink stop.

The proposals include the following:

  • Upgrade of the existing footway to provide an enhanced walking and wheeling route on Church Street West
  • Continuous footways across Bridgefield Street, Crompton Place, Barlow Street, Glenvale Close
  • Proposed Puffin crossing to provide a controlled crossing on Church Street West

Water Street

Water Street currently obstructs a clear pedestrian route for the existing linkage to the Manchester, Bolton and Bury Canal.

The proposals include the following:

  • Addition of TOUCAN crossing to provide a linkage for walking, wheeling and cycling to the towpath
  • Upgrade of the existing footway to allow for shared use.

Have Your Say

Public events have been arranged where the proposals will be on display and where members of the public will be able to talk to the team about the scheme, the events take place on:

– Date 1, time, location
– Date 2, time, location

During these events, you will be able to view the proposed improvements, speak to members involved in the project and submit feedback.